Build Biology

This is a picture of my truck

I've always had a interest in vehicles growing up. I mean what boy growing up didn’t. All through my childhood my dad and grandad had their two vehicles they bought from when they younger and started fixing them part by part. From a young age this was my first hobby to watch them and learn as they go. You could say it got me hooked on a passion for vehicles.

As I got older i was able to help with actual projects of the cars. One of the biggest projects was with my dad’s 71’ C/10 that we did a complete powertrain and suspension build. The truck got a fully built LS3 by Texas Speed and Performance as well as a fully built 4L80 transmission. The suspension was 4-linked for a smoother ride and better overall quality. I know this is all jib jab to most people but this was a build of a life time that I got to witness. This build took a total of three years since it was just us three learning as we went.

A couple months before I turned 16 it was time to start looking for my own vehicle. As much as I wanted to build something from scratch that was old and needed some love. My dad didn’t think it was safe enough to for today’s roads. A month before my birthday I became the new owner of a 2012 Silverado with an LS3 similar to my dad’s 71’. All through high school until two years ago I outfitted the truck with a lift kit, over sized tires and fully paint matched. That was a one of a kind truck I’ll never forget. About a year ago I thought it was time for something new. Talked to my dad and with the help of him I now own a 2018 fully loaded Silverado. I’ve only had it for a year now and I’ve leveled the truck, oversized tires and bead-lock wheels but I recently just wrapped the entire truck in satin dark basalt. This is just the beginning of this build. I plan to add fiber glass fenders and put on a long travel kit. It’s an expensive hobby but I can thank my dad and grandad for that.

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