The Start of my Triathlon Experience

This is a picture of me

For my first sprint triathlon I need a bike, some good running shoes and a wetsuit. Some of these things can be pricey. That's when I decided to buy a used road bike and wetsuit. What is nice about this is that if something doesn't work out I can resale the items. I bought a used Bianchi road bike from an original owner that was from the late 80s. I work at Asics and picked up myself a pair of Kayano 26 for the 5k run. As for the wetsuit I was lucky enough to get one of my dads old but pristine wetsuits when he was my age. With everything I was only $600 in for all my equipment and race fees.

For my training I have already been running about five to seven miles three to four times a week. Since I just got the bike I started riding to classes and or to places within ten miles of my apartment. The swimming portion of the race is fairly short and will be a breeze for me since I am always swimming when I can.

The race I am partaking in is called the Texas State Triathlon that is hosted by my good friend Nike Sidel. The event is held at the Medows Center on Sunday, April 19, 2020. A sprint triathlon consists of a half mile swim, 12 mile bike and lastly a three mile run for a total of 16 miles. A quick tip from REI is to familiarize yourself with the course of the race and if possible to practice those portions of the course.

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